Rocketeers, day 3

A quick post; I had a late day at work today and not much time to paint.

The pants are FolkArt "Camel". Again, two coats are needed for good coverage. I'll do a second quick layer tomorrow, then get to the boots and etc. And get the rocket packs ready, I hope.

Rocketeers, day 2

Today I started with a heavy drybrush of white over top of yesterday's black primer. This should give them a subtle shading under the blocked in paint, as well as bringing out all the details so I can actually see what I am painting. I didn't worry about the boots, since they will be painted black anyway.

I then painted the jackets in Ceramcoat's 'Autumn Brown'. Coverage isn't great, so it took two coats to even out.

Tomorrow I'll do the pants and boots, then start working on the details if I have the time.

A new one week project: Rocketeers!

I've decided I want to run a pulp adventure game for Bayou Wars 2011, using the "I Ain't Been Shot, Mum" rules from Too Fat Lardies. I've painted up a test Rocket Corps figure to try out the paint scheme, and now we'll all see if I can paint the other 17 in 7 days.

The figures are well cast and well sculpted, with only a few small bits of flash and one or two figures with a slight mold misalignment. A bit of filing cleaned the worst of it to where it isn't noticeable. The metal is soft enough that it files down quite easily, which is good since I am cutting the wings off of the jet packs to get more of a "Rocketeer" look to them. Some quick work with the Dremel should take care of it quickly.

Today all I did was prime the figures with black Liquitex acrylic gesso. Because primer is boring, I've got some pictures of the test paint for you instead. As always, click for a larger image.


Left side

And the right. I am planning to make flag decals for the shoulder patches, which is why it is painted white at the moment. I won't have that done this week, I want to fill up a sheet of decal paper rather than using just one corner of a sheet.

A player's perspective.

Another angle.

Two squads, plus a few extras, in their lovely black primer.

Back to work

Wow, I didn't realize how badly I've failed that "post every month" thing. Lots of work going on, very little of it interesting. To get something out here while I get some projects ready to photograph, here's a peek at some decals I've been working on:

Once I've got my new spray booth in working order, I'll be ready to prep the models, print the decals and see how well it works. I've also got some other things on the workbench, I'll try to post some photos of them soon.

Who let Bill have the airbrush!

Work progresses on my preparations for Bayou Wars.  I'm just about finished "prettying up" the shoreline cloth with my airbrush, adding sandy beach and some broken up patches of color to represent farms and so on.  I'm not entirely happy with it - in hindsight, the field bits should have been much smaller - but it's good enough for government work.

Here you can clearly see where I let the airbrush hose drag across the lake in the corner  :/  I'll touch that up once it's dried.

And, from the seaward side.  Next to (and under) the compressor you can see some of the masks I used while spraying.  In some places I used the masks, in others I didn't bother.  Overall it went pretty well, except for the numerous times I forgot myself and dragged the hose through freshly applied paint.

Once it's all dried (and I fix the lake in the corner) I'll set up with my hex grid template and put the hexes on in white paint.  Once they are in place, I'll lay out the ocean cloth, put this one on top and see how it looks.