Work this week

I finished up some very old GZG ESU naval infantry this week. I stripped and repainted these a few times over the years; now, they will serve as the personal security for a wealthy merchant in my 5 Parsecs game.

Five Parsecs crew

I’ve started working on crew members to use while playing a solo campaign of Five Parsecs from Home.  First is the captain, Jase Wardson.  He’s part of GZG’s “Free Trader Crew” pack, a set of not-Firefly figures.

Jase Wardson, captain of the Fortune’s Fool

The rest of the crew will come along as I get them finished. I’m mixing this in with work on my 1/600 Battle of Britain planes and my stalled 15mm Tunisia game.

Test paint

Test paint scheme for some more GZG. It’s much brighter in person, I’ll have to try a different background in the light box next time.

I think I need a lighter blue-grey for the uniform under the armor to get more contrast there.

Seven Years War [4]: A New Distraction

Progress on the Seven Years War project has been slow. There has been a lot of housework getting ready for our newest family member. (Who arrived Friday! And he's the best son ever!) And when I've found time to work on hobby projects, I keep going off on tangents.

For this project I finished up a single unit of Kurassiers and worked on some houses for a town. I'm happy with the basic construction process, but I can't paint fine lines to save my life. I'll have to cut out the timber framing and glue it in place to get these to look any good. Once I work out a good process I'll write up a how-to.  ANever if you're lucky, I'll make templates too.

My latest distraction is in that picture as well, but I'll save that project for another post.

Seven Years War [3]

I've finished up the two grenadier battalions, based them, and finished up the basing on everything else as well. Here are the grenadiers and four previously completed line infantry battalions.

Next up, Austrian Kurassiers.

Seven Years War [2]

I'm back to working on my Seven Years War project after far too long away from it. To keep myself honest I've joined in the 2016 army painter challenge over at the Lead Adventure Forum. My goal is to finish at least two units a month. This week I finished half of one converged grenadier battalion and two of three stands for half of another. The rest of the two units should get finished this week. These are for the as-yet unnamed Imperial-allied army.