Who let Bill have the airbrush!

Work progresses on my preparations for Bayou Wars.  I'm just about finished "prettying up" the shoreline cloth with my airbrush, adding sandy beach and some broken up patches of color to represent farms and so on.  I'm not entirely happy with it - in hindsight, the field bits should have been much smaller - but it's good enough for government work.

Here you can clearly see where I let the airbrush hose drag across the lake in the corner  :/  I'll touch that up once it's dried.

And, from the seaward side.  Next to (and under) the compressor you can see some of the masks I used while spraying.  In some places I used the masks, in others I didn't bother.  Overall it went pretty well, except for the numerous times I forgot myself and dragged the hose through freshly applied paint.

Once it's all dried (and I fix the lake in the corner) I'll set up with my hex grid template and put the hexes on in white paint.  Once they are in place, I'll lay out the ocean cloth, put this one on top and see how it looks.