Archaeologists and Germans

It's been a couple months of slowly plonking away at figures as I find the time. But I've finally completed the archaeologists I'll need for Bayou Wars, as well as another unit of Zeppelin Troopen.

This week I want to build some hills, rocky outcroppings, and jungle vegetation to fill out the table. I also need a narrow trail that will cross the table; I can use my road pieces, but I want something less built-up, more like a track that's been hacked out of the jungle. We'll see how it comes out.

Plans for 2011

Well, looks like I failed in that whole "post every month" thing. Based on the idea that "If I can't clear my height, why can't I clear one inch above my own height" (thanks Bill), let's see if I can manage a post every week instead.

I've got a few things in the project queue for this year. As mentioned before, I'm planning to run a pulp game for Bayou Wars this year. For that I need to acquire and paint more figures (I want 15-20 figures per player, divided in 2-3 squads each), and make a lot of terrain.

I'm working on some Ebbles Miniatures vehicles and ground equipment to go with my 15mm sci-fi. The pieces are actually 25mm scale; the miracle of print-your-own lets me rescale it to 60% to match my figures.

I've also got a secret project. I am calling it "Highway Robbery", and I'll let people guess what it might be as progress develops. If it's done in time, I'll run it as a Sunday brain-dead game at Bayou Wars.

Who let Bill have the airbrush!

Work progresses on my preparations for Bayou Wars.  I'm just about finished "prettying up" the shoreline cloth with my airbrush, adding sandy beach and some broken up patches of color to represent farms and so on.  I'm not entirely happy with it - in hindsight, the field bits should have been much smaller - but it's good enough for government work.

Here you can clearly see where I let the airbrush hose drag across the lake in the corner  :/  I'll touch that up once it's dried.

And, from the seaward side.  Next to (and under) the compressor you can see some of the masks I used while spraying.  In some places I used the masks, in others I didn't bother.  Overall it went pretty well, except for the numerous times I forgot myself and dragged the hose through freshly applied paint.

Once it's all dried (and I fix the lake in the corner) I'll set up with my hex grid template and put the hexes on in white paint.  Once they are in place, I'll lay out the ocean cloth, put this one on top and see how it looks.