Star of Meli Mission 1

With the preorder of Five Parsecs from Home 3rd Edition now available, I've decided to start a new campaign using all the new bells and whistles.  

The Star of Meli has recently landed on Topher's Reach, a colony world on the fringe of Unity space.  This backwater planet isn't equipped to support starships. The downport at Second Landing consists of little more than a control tower (more like a bunker, actually); plascrete tarmac divided into "bays" with weathered, barely visible paint; and a battered fuel processor supported by a couple equally battered fueling bowsers. Fortunately, the ship isn't damaged.  At least the place doesn't have a crowd of nut-jobs out to kill the crew, like on New Olympus.

At the start of the campaign, the crew has:

  • The Star of Meli, an unreliable merchant cruiser, and 22 credits of debt remaining on the ship.
  • 26 credits
  • Sector Permit which helps them deal with local licensing issues.
  • one Rival, the nut-jobs mentioned before, who at some point will show up and cause havoc.
  • one Patron, Jana Roguez, a representative of the sector government who occasionally passes jobs to the crew.
  • story points which let me "cheat" when the dice don't go my way.  If I remember to use them, which I often don't.
  • No quest or rumors.