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Wow, it's been a while since I posted here.  Sorry about that, life's been busy.  As they say, no plan survives contact with a 5 year old.

So, let's get into it.

Turn 1

On turn 1, my warband arrives in the region.  Because of this, there are no campaign actions and I go straight to travel.  I decide to travel to Evantun, and the travel roll tells me this trip is uneventful.  Because there was no battle I skip the post-battle events and roll on the News Travels table.  The townsfolk in Evantun are all talking about a monster that has been seen in the area; I add a hidden Monster Lair location to my list of hidden locations.

Turn 2

In Evantun, I roll on the town events table.  The law is cracking down here, and I won’t be able to use the Gambling action this turn. 

I normally would pay 1D3 marks in upkeep.  Instead, I will Help the Town Guard as one of my actions this turn.

In addition I chose to Study.  I roll the Scouting skill, and assign it to Uzgash, who has no skills.

In the Trade phase, I roll a trade item, plus a second item because Evantun is a trading post.  A throwing knife and a religious icon are available, but I don’t buy anything.

I choose to explore the Unknown Location (B on the map).  As the party travels to the location, they see something interesting in the distance; I add another Unknown Location to the map.

When the party arrives, they discover a Tiny village.  I roll and find the village is a trading post, and I name it Acburn.

There is no battle. The party enters Acburn.  I roll News Travels: “My goodness, more strangers!  We haven’t had anyone come through here for years, and now we’ve had two groups in as many days!  The other folks said they are going up to Lafstow.” If I visit Lafstow within the next two turns, I can meet with the travelers.

At the end of turn 2, the map looks like this:

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1754693 2021-11-02T10:54:10Z 2021-11-22T10:07:25Z Five Leagues: The Warband and the Map

The warband starts with four Heroes and two Followers.  There are tables that let you randomly select your heroes, but I chose them based on my figures.  Each hero gets rolls on several tables based on their background to determine initial skills, stat bonuses, and available equipment.  I won’t go into detail on the character creation rolls.  

After creating my warband, I need to make a map of the campaign region.  There is a set of tables to roll on (or pick from) to populate the map.


From the village tables, I learn the region has 5 villages:

  • Evantun, a major trading post. 
  • Doerbryc, a minor manor.
  • Montfeld, a tiny tribal camp. 
  • Lafstow, a tiny monastery. 
  • And Penceg, a minor farming community. 


I chose three major threats, based on the miniatures I have:

  • Bandits, in The Ruin Within. 
  • Ratmen, in The Gnawling Tribes. 
  • An invading army, in The Faceless Kingdom. 

Each of these threats has a Camp shown on the map, and a Hideout that is hidden until I spend Adventure points to find it. 

In addition, there is a Delve (ruined keep, mine, dungeon, or similar) and an Unknown Location that I place on the map. 

It isn’t necessary to put all this on an actual map; you can use a simple list to keep track of the locations. But since that’s no fun, I took one of Dyson Logos’ maps and marked my locations on it, as you can see below. 

Bill Hamilton
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 With the third edition of Five Leagues from the Borderlands on its way, I thought it was a good time to start working on some fantasy minis.  I have a copy of the pre-layout rules (I lent a hand with development) and the green light from Ivan and Modiphius to post about it as I play through a campaign.  There’s a lot of work still to be done, so things can change between now and the game’s release.  

First up is my warband:

Warbands start with 6 people: 4 heroes and 2 followers.  In my warband I have:

Gabriel Hill, a human noble, hero, and the band’s leader and the Avatar.

Saba Anum, a Preen hero.

Uzgash, a Feral hero.

Eorthhed, a human mystic hero.

Lavan, a follower

Gorvin, a follower

Figures are all from Splintered Light, except for the Preen which is my own sculpt.

Bill Hamilton
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With the preorder of Five Parsecs from Home 3rd Edition now available, I've decided to start a new campaign using all the new bells and whistles.  

The Star of Meli has recently landed on Topher's Reach, a colony world on the fringe of Unity space.  This backwater planet isn't equipped to support starships. The downport at Second Landing consists of little more than a control tower (more like a bunker, actually); plascrete tarmac divided into "bays" with weathered, barely visible paint; and a battered fuel processor supported by a couple equally battered fueling bowsers. Fortunately, the ship isn't damaged.  At least the place doesn't have a crowd of nut-jobs out to kill the crew, like on New Olympus.

At the start of the campaign, the crew has:

  • The Star of Meli, an unreliable merchant cruiser, and 22 credits of debt remaining on the ship.
  • 26 credits
  • Sector Permit which helps them deal with local licensing issues.
  • one Rival, the nut-jobs mentioned before, who at some point will show up and cause havoc.
  • one Patron, Jana Roguez, a representative of the sector government who occasionally passes jobs to the crew.
  • story points which let me "cheat" when the dice don't go my way.  If I remember to use them, which I often don't.
  • No quest or rumors.
Bill Hamilton
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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve played one of these, or much of anything else either.  It’s the usual reasons, and I won’t go into them here.

On turn 6, we start with 17 credits, 4 story points, and no quest clues.  No one is in sickbay.


The crew remains on New Olympus to track down more information about what is going on.  The crew used the Basic Supplies Jase picked up last turn rather than paying for upkeep.  No medical care is needed.  Tine spent 3 credits to examine the strange artifact, and discovered it is a Grav Flinger.  This strange device pushes people and objects away from the user when it is triggered.

Jase, Reda, and Yared go trading.  Jase picks up a stim pack, Reda gets a luxury trinket, and Yared finds some basic supplies. Diana and Britt go exploring; they find a local gambling den and drop in.  One of the locals was blatantly cheating, and when Diana called him out on it, things got ugly.  She lost her concealed blade and Britt lost his dazzle grenade.

We were intercepted by one of our rivals, the Crimson Vipers gang.  They have four gangers with rifles, a specialist with a hunting rifle, and a lieutenant with a rifle.  The gang boss, Drake, is leading the group, and carries a hand cannon and brutal melee weapon.  I rolled a deployment condition, “surprise encounter”.  So my crew got the drop on the gangers.  There is no notable site.  As these gangers are criminals, I rolled for a bounty.  I’ll get 3 credits extra if I win the fight.

Bill Hamilton
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I finished up some very old GZG ESU naval infantry this week. I stripped and repainted these a few times over the years; now, they will serve as the personal security for a wealthy merchant in my 5 Parsecs game.

Bill Hamilton
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Turn 5, we start with 15 credits, 3 story points, and 2 rumors (not quest clues, I was wrong before). Nobody is in sickbay.


The crew has no reason to leave, so they stay on New Olympus. Upkeep is 1 credit. In the Crew Tasks phase, Britt trains to gain +1 xp and uses that to raise his Combat skill to 1. Everyone else trades, finding:

  • Jase: Basic supplies (pays upkeep for one turn)
  • Tine: Gun upgrade kit (improves the range of one weapon)
  • Reda: Assault blade (basically a bayonet, bonus in brawling)
  • Yared: A hot tip (rumor)
  • Diana: Military Fuel Cell (no cost to leave the planet)

The 3 rumors I have turned into a quest in the Resolve Rumors phase. The crew avoid running into any rivals on their way to the quest mission.  The location will end up being a dead end, probably.  But we still fight the battle.

I rolled a deployment condition, “Small Encounter”. I pick a crew member at random to miss the mission, but I’ll also fight one less opponent.  Diana had to sit this one out.  I also rolled a Notable Sight; there is a person of interest who will give me a Story Point if I can make contact with them or win the fight.  (Of course, I forgot to put a figure on the table to represent this person.) Enemies are 5 (4 due to the Small Encounter) Converted infiltrators (think Borg, but less pale and less robot).  Finally, my mission target is “Someone’s turf”.  All that comes together to create a story (and maybe even an interesting one).


Yared found out that someone has quietly put up a reward on Jase. The vigilantes in the last few fights weren’t after Britt, they were after the captain. Supposedly this patron is operating out of an office on the outskirts of town.

The crew decided to go check the guy out. A last-minute issue with the fuel cell delivery kept Diana at the ship. But, doubting they have much time before their target shifts location, the crew heads out anyway. They made it to the neighborhood with little trouble (not interrupted by any Rivals). But once there, things seemed a bit off.  “Hey Captain,” Yared said as they neared the building. “Doesn’t it seem a bit quiet around here?”

Nobody was in sight. No vehicles were moving. There weren’t even any animals, Terran or native, making noise. Reda muttered, “Yeah, something isn’t right here.”

“Right, I’ve got a bad feeling about this too,” Jase replied. “Tine and I will keep going up the street. The rest of you find some cover and be ready if something happens.”

Tine and Jase are top center, moving between the building and garage.  Yared is bottom right, headed toward the fence.  Reda and Britt are back by the solar collectors, they will act after the enemies.

In the silence, the crew hears unintelligible voices and movement beyond some buildings.

Converted advance on the intruders.

Turn 2.  The Converted move again, advancing on the crew.  Yared moves up to the wall, spots one across the courtyard, and fires with his rattlegun.  He Stuns her and pushes her back an inch.

Yared gets the first hit.

Tine gets in behind the barrels.  Jase takes position at the corner of the building.  Reda and Britt move up to the wall and toward Jase, because most of the enemy are moving in that direction.  They could have fired at the enemy Yared shot, but I just now noticed that I messed up the cover rules.  She was knocked down and couldn’t be seen behind the wall, I guess.

The crew moves into positions.

Turn 3.  The Converted facing Yared moves up to the fence again, but cannot shoot because of her Stun.  That comes off at the end of her activation. The others move up to the edge of the brush and all shoot at Tine, missing her.

Those are some sturdy barrels.

Yared fires at the Converted woman again, knocking her out of the fight.

The wall, not so tough.

Tine shoots at one of the converted in the brush, killing him.

And Jase shoots at another, stunning him.  Reda and Britt move into positions to help Jase out if he needs it.

Turn 4.  The Converted leader moves up and fires at Jase, stunning him and forcing him back from the corner of the building.  The other Converted moves up and removes a Stun marker.

"This is my favorite coat!"

Tine shoots back at the leader, knocking him out.

Reda moves up to shoot at the last Converted, and misses.  Britt moves across the street to take a position behind the barrels.  Yared moves into the courtyard.

Turn 5.  Yared moves to the corner of the building and fires at the last enemy, killing him.

“Who were those people?” asked Reda.  “I haven’t seen bionics like that before, they look like they are mostly robot.”

Britt spoke up from the back.  “They aren’t people, they are Converted.  These things invaded My home, Logan 3.  They took over the planet, everything.  I barely got out.  Most people didn’t.”

“What happened to them?  Did they kill your people, use them as slave labor or something?”

“No.  They took over everything, including the people.  Everyone I knew, everyone I ever met, are those things now.”

“So if these are here now, are the Converted invading this planet?”

“God, I hope not.”


The crew found 3 credits, a stim-pack, and a Strange Artifact among the remains of the enemy.  These were an Invasion Threat, but I rolled no invasion.  I don’t have to check if they become an Enemy because they are a “Roving Threat”.

Nobody was hurt, so no need to check For injuries. Yared received 4 xp; 3 for winning the fight, +1 for taking out the first enemy.  Jase, Tine, Reda, and Britt get 3 xp.  Diana gets none because she was stuck back at the ship.  Jase, Tine, and Reda spend xp to raise their Combat skills.  Nobody went shopping.

The campaign event was new business connections, which gives the crew a Patron.  An individual in that neighborhood is glad the crew cleaned up the neighborhood and wants to thank them by sending work their way.

The character event was for Britt, who simply spent some time thinking and gained 2 xp.

The crew ends the turn with 17 credits, 4 story points, a quest and no clues, basic supplies, a military fuel cell, spare parts for 2 repairs, and a stash of bionic parts that can be helpful if someone gets injured. They have three remaining Rivals: the Crimson Vipers gang, Jackson’s Rangers mercenaries, and Lt. Isaias Cayne with the local Unity garrison.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657896 2019-12-04T18:00:00Z 2021-02-24T02:49:52Z Fortune’s Fool, Mission 4

Turn 4, we have 18 credits, 3 story points, 1 quest clue, and three people in sickbay for the Crew Tasks phase.


The crew stays on New Olympus. They spend 1 credit on upkeep.

Britt goes exploring. He meets someone at a lunch counter and talks for a while about the weather and local politics. Somehow, he avoids getting into trouble.

Reda and Diana trade. Reda picks up a gun upgrade kit. Diana picks up some spare parts (2) for future repairs. Diana also spends 3 credits to pick up an instruction book.


Britt's "friends" saw him around town after his supposed death, and have tracked the crew down again outside of a small agricultural station near town. Tine recognizes one of them from a wanted bulletin, there's a reward for bringing him in (Priority Target). There are 4 enemies this time, with a Lieutenant. One of the riflemen is the target.

I won't do a write up with a bunch of pictures, because the pictures are rather crap. I'm working on a fix for the lighting where I play. The important events are:

  • The vigilante lieutenant took out Diana with his first shot.
  • Yared gunned down the entire vigilante crew with his rattlegun.


After their guys were gunned down in the street (2 dead, 2 wounded), the vigilantes decide Britt isn't really that important after all. The crew finds 6 credits and gets another 2 credits bounty. They also find some bionic parts after the fight (I'm not going to examine where exactly the parts were found), and a quest clue! Apparently these guys didn't see Britt around town, someone told them he was alive and where to find him.

Diana was just knocked out, but learned something from it (+1 xp). In the end, Diana gained 2 xp; Jase, Tine, Reda, and Britt gained 3 xp, and Yared gained 4 xp.

The crew picked up some more dazzle grenades and a"sonic wave emitter"(which makes a character harder to hit at close range).

The ship was running low on supplies (campaign event) so the crew had to spend 3 credits to stock up. And Reda is thinking that all this time spent doing random jobs and getting shot at by random locals isn't what she signed up for; it might be time to move on (character event). She will stick around for now, but it won't take much for her to leave the crew.

The crew ends the turn with 15 credits, 3 story points, 2 quest clues, and a stash of bionic parts that can be helpful if someone gets injured.  They have three remaining Rivals: the Crimson Vipers gang, Jackson's Rangers mercenaries, and Lt. Isaias Cayne with the local Unity garrison.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657893 2019-11-27T18:00:00Z 2021-02-24T00:37:26Z Fortune’s Fool, Mission 3

On turn 3, the crew started out with no casualties and 26 credits.


We spent 1 credit on upkeep (5 crew).

Jase and Yared train, getting 1 xp each, raising Jase's Combat Skill to 1 and Yared's Combat Skill to 2.

Tine examines the Strange Artifact, tracks down some local experts in alien artifacts (spending 3 credits), and learns that it is an Alien Combat Serum. She puts it way for future need.

Reda recruits a new crew member, Britt Stasny, spending 2 credits in the process.

Diana explores the port settlement and manages to pick a fight with a local Unity garrison lieutenant, gaining the crew a new Rival.


Britt brought the crew a new Rival of his own, some new vigilantes followed him to New Olympus and want to bring him in for theft. Six vigilantes track him down on the outskirts of town and have another go at him. There is also a Curious Item near the center of the table, I'll find out what it is at the end of the game if I win.

Start of the first turn. The Fool's crew are at the bottom, the vigilantes are behind a low rise at the top. Yared, Reda and Diana (all on the left) get initiative and act first.

Yared fires at one of the vigilantes, but misses.

Reda and Diana both move to the right behind the building.

The vigilante boss fires at Jase, hits him, and would have knocked him out. Jase uses his one point of Luck to avoid the result, but it doesn't do him any good. He's the only target for the rest of the vigilantes. The lieutenant and a rifleman shoot at him and miss, then the guy with the autorifle hits him and knocks him out. The rest of the riflemen fire at Tine and miss.

Tine moves to cover against the big garage and fires but misses. Britt runs across the street to follow Reda and Diana.

Turn 2, Yared gets the initiative. He hits the enemy auto rifle gunner twice, stunning then knocking him out. Tine shoots at the lieutenant and misses.

Tine is the closest target and takes the brunt of it. Everyone fires at her, with the last rifleman hitting her and knocking her out of action.

Reda, Diana, and Britt move up along the right side of the building.

The vigilantes test morale for the downed specialist, and fail. One more failure and they will run away.

Turn 3. Yared shoots his rattlegun at the lieutenant. He hits 3 times, knocking out the lieutenant and another rifleman. Reda moves up to the corner of a building and shoots at a rifleman, stunning him. Britt shoots at the boss and misses.

The boss shoots back at Britt and knocks him out.

The last two riflemen shoot at Reda, stunning her. Diana shoots at the boss and stuns him.

The vigilantes test morale for the two downed men, and fail again. The boss, happy to see Britt down, orders his men to break off before they take more casualties.


I roll and learn the vigilantes are still Rivals. Hopefully we'll see why by the end of this part of the campaign turn.

We found 4 credits worth of abandoned equipment when the vigilantes pulled out, and a pack of psi-chems. The Curious Item was an uninteresting item worth 1 credit to a collector.

Jase received Minor Injuries, and will be out for the Crew Tasks phase of next turn. He will be available for the battle phase.

Tine received a Crippling Wound. Medical care cost 3 credits and 1 turn, so she will also be out for next turn's Crew Tasks phase.

Britt was simply Knocked Out, no recovery time required. Obviously the vigilantes learned Britt is ok and are still after him.

Jase, Tine, and Britt received 1 xp each because they were knocked out of the fight. Yared, Reda, and Diana received 3 xp each because they won the fight and were unharmed. Yared received another xp because he took out the first enemy.

We bought some equipment, finding a rifle and dazzle grenades for a cost of 4 credits.

The campaign event left Yared in sickbay for a turn after he was injured working on the ship. He will be unavailable for the Crew Tasks phase next turn too (that's 3 people out now). After her fight with the Unity garrison officer and the vigilantes'vendetta against Britt, Diana rethinks her goals in life (character event). Her motivation changes from Freedom (getting out from under the thumb of Unity) to Discovery.

The crew ends this turn with 18 credits, 3 story points, and 1 quest clue. Jase, Tine, and Yared cannot take Crew Tasks next turn. They have four Rivals: the Crimson Vipers gang, Jackson's Rangers mercenaries, Lt. Isaias Cayne and the local Unity garrison, and vigilantes from New Triton.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657874 2019-11-15T18:00:00Z 2021-02-24T00:29:39Z Fortune’s Fool, mission 2

The crew has been hired to pick up a contact at Tinsey Outpost and bring her back to the client. But on the way to the outpost, the journey was interrupted. Bullets tore into the front of the old float truck, disabling the engine in a plume of smoke and coolant. The truck dropped on its collapsing air cushion, hitting the ground with a shriek of tortured metal and composites. The crew bailed out, looking for cover as more fire whistled past overhead. Down the track, vigilantes were waiting for them.

“Richy!” one of them called out. “We’re here to bring you back to see justice. You can come quietly, or not, but you’re coming with us.”

“Watts, is that you?” Reda called back.  “Your boy started that fight, he got what he deserved. You can go to hell if you think I’m just giving myself up.”

“It’s your funeral, woman.” With that and a gesture from Watts, the vigilantes split up and move to attack the crew. Watts takes two of her crew across the stream to flank them, while her lieutenant takes the other two into the woods.

Yared moves into the tree line and fires his rattle gun at the men in the woods, but misses with the heavy weapon.  Diana jumps into the back of the truck, using the cab as cover while she aims her rifle at the vigilante with an autorifle.  Her shot cracks into a tree next to his head, forcing him to duck back and stunning him (marked by the blue ring next to his base).

Tine moves up into the woods behind Yared, while Reda and Jase cross the stream as well.

On turn 2, Yared activates before the vigilantes.  Yared fires another burst at the autorifle-carrying vigilante, driving him further back in the woods and stunning him again.

The vigilante boss moves up with her team, but none of them have a shot at Reda or Jase.  The autorifle guy shakes off one of the stun and moves up to the edge of the woods so he can shoot next turn.  Meanwhile, the LT and rifleman take shots at Diana, missing her.

Diana fires back at the autorifle man and hits him squarely, knocking him out of the fight.

Tine moves up in the woods, but doesn’t have a clear shot.  Reda moves up and shoots at one of Watts’ men, and misses.  Jase moves up into the woods next to Reda.

In turn 3, there was a lot of shooting but nobody hit anything.  Everyone except Yared needs to roll a 6 to hit a target in cover, and they just couldn’t do it.  Watts’ team moved forward, and Jase moved up to the edge of the woods.

In turn 4, none of the crew can activate before the vigilantes.  One of them shoots Jase, winging him and forcing him back into cover (stunned).  The rest of Watts’ team on the right advances and shoots at Reda, but misses.  The LT’s team also moves up and shoots at Yared and Tine, missing.  Yared, Reda, and Tine fire at Watts, but miss. Diana fires at the LT, but misses her shot as well. Jase recovers from being stunned.

In turn 5, initiative went well.  Jase, Reda, and Yared all can act before the vigilantes.  Reda shoots Watts, hitting her square and knocking her out of the fight.  (The dice are there to show who gets to act immediately.)

Jase moves up into the woods and shoots at the vigilante across from him, but misses.  Yared fires at the LT and stuns him.

The vigilantes return fire, but miss.  Tine and Diana shoot and miss.

In turn 6, Yared gets the initiative.  He turns to fire his rattlegun across the stream at the remaining two vigilantes there.  He hits them both, knocking both out of the fight.

The LT and his remaining teammate fire at Tine.  The rifleman stuns her.  Tine and Diana shoot at the LT and miss, while Reda and Jase move up along the stream.

Turn 7, and things are looking very bad for the vigilantes.  But they have yet to fail a morale test (taken every time someone is knocked out).  They’re in it for the duration.

Yared and Tine get initiative and fire.  Yared stuns the LT again, but Tine misses.  The rifleman shoots at Tine and misses while the LT shrugs off the stun.  Diana fires at the rifleman, missing.  Reda moves up and shoots at him as well, stunning him.  Jase just moves up so he can fire next turn.

In turn 8, Yared hits the rifleman, stunning him again.  He and the LT shoot at Reda but miss.  The rest of the crew fires back, missing.

Yared gets initiative again in turn 9 (he has a higher Reaction score than the others and the only weapon with multiple shots, so he almost always gets the initiative when it’s available).  He hits the LT, knocking him down.  The last rifleman shoots at Jase but misses.  The rest of the crew shoot at him,  and miss.

Turn 10 sees Yared fire first, missing. The rifleman fires at Jase and misses. The rest of the crew fires back. Diana hits him and knocks him down, ending the fight.

Post-battle events

Reda looked down at Watts, bleeding on the ground from the hole in her leg. “Dammit Watts, I didn’t want any of this. I told you, Jake started that fight. I was defending myself. I didn’t want to kill him, it just happened.” She pulled off her belt and tightened it around the wounded leg, slowing the flow of blood.  “I don’t want to kill you, either.  We’ll get you back to town to get this taken care of.  If you’re lucky, you won’t lose the leg.”

After the fight, I determined that the rivalry between the crew and Watts’ vigilantes is over.  I rolled for the vigilantes’ wounds just to see what happened.  Watts has a permanent wound, the LT and one of the riflemen is dead, and the others have minor injuries.  They also found a Strange Artifact on one of the men.  I don’t know what it is, but they can spend some cash and time in the next campaign turn to find out.

Everyone got 3 xp for winning the fight and not getting injured.  Diana got an extra xp for getting the first knock-out, and Reda gets an extra for taking out Watts.

We did some shopping, and found a stim-pack (use to ignore a knock-out), a displacer (one-shot teleporter) and a stabilizer (ignore the penalties of a Heavy weapon; Yared will put this on his rattlegun).  We ran into a friendly doc (obviously whoever we helped Watts get to) but didn’t need their help.  Jase made some local friends, which netted him another xp.

Jase increased his Combat Skill to 1.  Yared increased his combat skill to 2.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657872 2019-08-17T17:00:00Z 2021-02-24T00:22:32Z Five Parsecs crew

I’ve started working on crew members to use while playing a solo campaign of Five Parsecs from Home.  First is the captain, Jase Wardson.  He’s part of GZG’s “Free Trader Crew” pack, a set of not-Firefly figures.

Jase Wardson, captain of the Fortune’s Fool

The rest of the crew will come along as I get them finished. I’m mixing this in with work on my 1/600 Battle of Britain planes and my stalled 15mm Tunisia game.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657838 2019-05-25T17:00:00Z 2021-02-23T22:41:45Z Bag the Hun game

I played a solo game of Bag the Hun this evening with my 1/600 scale planes from Picoarmor.  It was a simple meeting engagement, a section of four Hellcats ran into a section of four Zeros. It turned into quite the furball real quick.

End of turn 1

Things got bloody in a hurry.  By the end of turn 1, the American newbie pilot’s plane was torn to pieces, and the American section leader managed to put some shots into the cockpit of the Japanese leader, wounding him.

Turn 3

By the end of turn 3, the American leader had killed two Japanese pilots.  In turn 4, another American blew up a Japanese plane, but the Japanese leader drew a bead on the American lead, doing severe damage to his controls.

Turn 4

In turn 5 the American section leader broke for home. Unable to keep up and worried about the other two Hellcats, the Japanese leader turned for home as well. The remaining Americans, out of position for a chase, turned to follow their section leader.

I’ve put together a section record sheet so I can keep the data for four planes at once. It fits on a letter size piece of paper and makes it much easier to play.  Here are the sheets for these two planes:

US F6F-5 Hellcat SRS

IJN A6M5b Zero SRS

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657836 2018-05-28T17:00:00Z 2021-02-24T02:50:38Z Test paint

Test paint scheme for some more GZG. It’s much brighter in person, I’ll have to try a different background in the light box next time.

I think I need a lighter blue-grey for the uniform under the armor to get more contrast there.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657835 2018-05-24T17:00:00Z 2021-02-24T02:51:02Z Back in the swing of things

Thu, 24 May 2018 21:05:03 +0000Uncategorized

After much too long, we've gotten Velocibaby (and myself) onto a schedule where I have 30 minutes to an hour a night where I can paint. The fruit of that labor so far has been these seven crew from GZG. Not my best work but they do well enough at tabletop distance.

I need to redo the redhead’s face, she came out much too pale, without enough room for highlighting.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657834 2017-06-01T17:00:00Z 2021-02-23T22:30:23Z Fallen jungle trees

After my last game, I realized I needed some fallen trees to serve as linear obstacles and break up the ground a bit.  I made these from balsa.

I used some 12"long pieces of 1"square balsa. I cut each into two pieces with an angled cut, and trimmed the other end to a similar angle.  I then used a small block plane to shape the tops of the pieces into a suitable log shape.  The bottoms I only rounded slightly to give the impression of a curve while making sure they would not roll around on the table.

After rounding the pieces, I scrubbed them lengthwise with a wire brush to add a bark texture to the wood. Just keep at it until you like how it looks.

Then I used an old pair of wire cutters to cut and tear out the ends of the logs as if it had rotted away.  Don't worry about breaking the edges, that adds to the effect.  If you break off too much, you can easily glue the piece back in to place later.

I painted them with a mix of dark brown and grey paint.  Once that dried I gave them a heavy dry brush of grey.

Last I dabbed on some glue and covered it with green flock.  With that dry, they are ready for play.

And last, an action shot of some Navy boys getting into trouble in the jungle.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657796 2017-05-16T17:00:00Z 2021-02-23T21:12:20Z The Escape of Dr. Lashwood

Last weekend, local gamer Marc Fluitt and I got together to play a game of FiveCore using my pulp adventure figures.

The setup of the game was pretty simple.  Soldiers of a local Chinese warlord captured Dr. Lashwood on site at his most recent archaeological dig.  They are dragging him and a crate of priceless artifacts through the jungle and back to their leader's stronghold.  Several US Marines managed to outflank the Chinese and cut off their retreat.  To win, my Chinese must carry Dr. Lashwood and the crate of artifacts off the north table edge beyond the Marines.  Marc's Marines win if they rescue Dr. Lashwood, capture the artifacts, and carry them off any other table edge.

My Chinese soldiers started at the south (bottom of the picture), ready to push forward. Marc's Marines are at the north end of the table. One is hidden behind a tree.

I moved to the west in my first activation,  hoping to flank the Marines and deal with them a few at a time.  This didn't work so well. Marc moved over to intercept me.

I took the first casualty, the soldier in charge of Dr. Lashwood was gunned down by the marine at the top center of the picture. The good doctor, now free, fled the gunfire and took cover to the south.

A convenient Scurry result let me shift everyone left into cover and chase down Dr. Lashwood again.

But this let the Marines move to cut me off, too.

I pushed forward into some of the thicker growth, but took fire and lost another soldier.

At last my men figured out how to shoot straight. They killed one of the Marines and knocked another down.  Things are starting to look up.

I continued my flanking maneuver, but it just wasn't working out.

So I reversed direction with another Scurry, going back to the east while his men were out of position.

Marc chased me down, of course.

He charged into close combat, driving my men back.  I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, and he drove me back.

He tried it again, but this time we found the good bullets. We left one dead and scared off the other.

With the Marines in disarray we tried to get moving to the far end of the table.

But Marc rallied his Marines and charged me again. This time he succeeded.

Marc collected the artifacts and Dr. Lashwood, and quickly exited the battlefield.

Failed recovery rolls left me even more out of position as he pulled out of contact.

The triumphant Marines.

We we had a lot of fun, and the advantage shifted several times. There were a few points where I was sure I was home free, only to have it go wrong again.

I am planning to run a pulp game at Bayou Wars this year. I have some terrain work to finish up and then I'll be ready to go.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657789 2016-09-11T17:00:00Z 2021-02-23T21:03:47Z Seven Years War [4]: A New Distraction

Progress on the Seven Years War project has been slow. There has been a lot of housework getting ready for our newest family member. (Who arrived Friday! And he's the best son ever!) And when I've found time to work on hobby projects, I keep going off on tangents.

For this project I finished up a single unit of Kurassiers and worked on some houses for a town. I'm happy with the basic construction process, but I can't paint fine lines to save my life. I'll have to cut out the timber framing and glue it in place to get these to look any good. Once I work out a good process I'll write up a how-to.  ANever if you're lucky, I'll make templates too.

My latest distraction is in that picture as well, but I'll save that project for another post.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657766 2016-07-16T17:00:00Z 2021-02-23T20:31:45Z Seven Years War [3]

I've finished up the two grenadier battalions, based them, and finished up the basing on everything else as well. Here are the grenadiers and four previously completed line infantry battalions.

Next up, Austrian Kurassiers.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657760 2016-06-27T17:00:00Z 2021-02-23T20:20:21Z Seven Years War [2]

I'm back to working on my Seven Years War project after far too long away from it. To keep myself honest I've joined in the 2016 army painter challenge over at the Lead Adventure Forum. My goal is to finish at least two units a month. This week I finished half of one converged grenadier battalion and two of three stands for half of another. The rest of the two units should get finished this week. These are for the as-yet unnamed Imperial-allied army.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657754 2015-07-02T17:00:00Z 2021-02-23T20:17:14Z Planting Trees

I've been looking for a easy way to make good tree clumps for my 6mm games. Individual trees don't look right to me at that scale. The tutorials I found were either too much work, fragile, or downright dangerous.  So I stole the good ideas from the last two and came up with this method. I plan to combine them with felt tree line templates. The felt shows where the treelines are, and the tree stands make them look nice.

You will need:

  • Clump Foliage in several colors of green
  • Black foam board (I used Elmers brand)
  • 1"styrofoam (I got some from the floral department at Michaels)
  • Craft paint.  A dark brown and a light grayish tan.
  • Hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks

First, cut out a bunch of irregular rounded pieces from the 1"styrofoam. These are the tree stands. Make these roughly 2-3"across and egg-shaped, but make some longer and some odd shapes. I used a hot wire to cut them out, though a knife would work too.

Once you have a large pile of them, cut the treetops from black foam board. Trace each piece of styrofoam, leaving about a 1/4"-1/2"gap around it. I numbered the tops and bottoms so I could match them up later. After they are cut out, bevel the edges to a gentle slope.

Hot-glue the stands to the tops with hot glue. Get them roughly centered, they don't have to be exact.

Paint the stand a dark grey-brown color. I used Americana Bittersweet Chocolate craft paint. I mixed it 50/50 with white glue and added some water. Probably not necessary, but it adds a bit of strength to the beaded styrofoam. There's no need to paint the treetops, leave them black. Leave these to dry for a while.

Paint in the tree trunks with a lighter grey-brown. I used Craft Smart Golden Brown. Keep them thin. Paint most of them from the tops down, but do a few shorter ones too. Keep them mostly vertical, but let a few bend, split, or fall over.

Tear off a small piece of clump foliage, no bigger than the first joint of your thumb. Put a dab of hot glue in the center of the top of a tree clump and stick the foliage down. Tear a small piece of another color, and glue it against the first. Keep going piece by piece, switching colors, until the top is completely covered with foliage.

And after a few hours work, I ended up with several dozen clumps of woods.  In hindsight, I don't think the black foam board is necessary.  You could paint the top of the styrofoam dark brown and glue the foliage clumps directly to it,  This would save several steps, but lose some of the overhang effect.  It's a question of taste and how much of a hurry you're in.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657728 2015-03-01T18:00:00Z 2021-02-23T18:55:23Z Seven Years War [1]

I've worked out that I need to paint up three units each month to be ready for Colonial Barracks this year. Last night I finished up my third infantry unit for February.

Next up, some cavalry.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657702 2012-02-06T03:07:08Z 2021-02-23T18:46:04Z Ship bases: group photos
As promised, the current fleet based and ready for action, sailing the brown waters of my painting stand.  (As always, click a picture to view it close up.)

Next in the queue, marines from Pulp Figures.  I'll post next Sunday with what progress I've made.]]>
Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657703 2012-01-29T19:00:02Z 2021-02-23T18:46:04Z Ship bases: painting
 Continuing the ship basing from last week...

I trimmed up the edges of the bases with a knife, then started painting.  Pick a base color and several highlights.  I started with a bright blue, covering the texturing on the base top.  Also paint the plastic along the edges of the texturing, to make sure none of the white base shows next to the ship.
The first highlight was a heavy drybrush of Ceramcoat's Ocean Reef Blue.  I hit every surface, only leaving the original blue visible in the deepest troughs and crevases.
 Folk Art's Light Blue is next.  I hit all the high points with this to pick them out from the surface.
 Last, I used white on the tops of the waves and the churn at the back, places where the water would foam up. 
 When finished, the ship should just fit in its place in the texturing.  A couple dots of superglue hold it tight.
And that's it.  Once I get the rest of the bases done (and pick up the ships I left at Jay's place after showing them off at last week's game :/ ) I'll put up a group shot.]]>
Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657704 2012-01-22T23:42:37Z 2021-02-23T18:46:05Z Ship Bases
I wanted some nice bases for the Uncharted Seas ships I painted up. Like everything else I do, I looked for a method I could steal rather than trying to figure it out for myself. While poking around, I found some very nicely done ships on the Lead Adventure forums, and a (very) brief description of how the bases were made. Here I show how I copied the idea.

First, materials. You'll need something to serve as the base; I used 0.040" styrene sheet because I had it, but you could use any material you can cut to size and won't warp when glue is applied. You'll also need white (PVA) glue and toilet tissue, torn or cut into small pieces. I used a sculpting tool and a pair of tweezers to apply the glue and tissue to the base, but anything convenient should work.

Naturally, you need a ship to base. I wanted about 5mm of exposed base around the ship, so I added 10mm to the length and width of the model; for this ship, that came out to 33mm x 77mm. I cut a piece of styrene to size and lightly tacked the ship in place with a few dots of white glue. You will remove the ship later, so don't do anything permanent here. The lines are 5mm from the edges, and are just guides I used to ensure I had the ship centered and straight.

(Here I've tinted my glue blue so it is visible; white base, white glue and white paper do not make for good photography.) Spread a thin layer of neat PVA glue on the base, being careful to keep it off the ship.  Start placing pieces of tissue on the glue, using your tools to tuck it down on the base until it sticks in place. Don't worry if it overhangs the edge, you can trim it up with a sharp knife once the glue dries.

Once the tissue has been stuck in place, put a thick layer of glue on top of it.  This will quickly soak the tissue through and break up the fibers in it.

Using a sculpting tool of some sort, push the tissue and glue into a wake shape drawing off from the edges of the ship.  Start at the back of the ship, and push the tissue toward the back to raise up the waves.  If you keep the edge of the tool at the bottom of the wave, the top of the wave should angle forward like it's crashing over.

At the bow of the ship, push the "water" up against the hull so it is rolling off and forward, and extend the wave off the edge of the base to the side.  Then do the same for the other side of the ship.

Give it a few hours to dry, then carefully remove the ship from the base.  If you got too much glue on the ship and wait too long to remove it, part of the sculpted water may come up from the base.  Just add a bit of glue under the part that came loose and hold the water in place as you remove the ship.

Once it has dried thoroughly, I'll paint it.  I'll show how that goes in my next post.]]>
Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657705 2011-11-20T23:01:45Z 2021-02-23T18:46:32Z What have I been up to? The answer is, not much of anything. Various things have kept me from the painting table, and so I haven't had much of anything to say here. But now I've made some progress on some projects, so here we go again.

Here I have a test paint of a Dwarven ironclad for Uncharted Seas, which Ed got me interested in recently. Behind it are the other two cruisers from the Dwarf starter set, waiting for drybrushing and detail work. Once they're clearcoated I plan to use dot filters on the metal armor panels to make them subtly different. I expect it to work, but we'll see. I have some destroyers and a battleship (the rest of the starter box) to follow these, and an Imperial starter box to paint up as well. I want to make sculpted water bases for the ships, which will be a new thing for me.

Next up are Rebel Minis' Earth Force Marines, done up in a desert/scrubland scheme. The four sticks in front are done, the fifth stick needs a wash, and the heavy weapons and sniper teams in back are just basecoated. This is about half the pack, I have eight more sticks that aren't in the picture. Four (including the ones pictured) are basecoated, two just need washes, so I should be done with these pretty soon.

I finally figured out how I will base my 6mm Seven Years War figures: 20mm x 25mm bases from Litko, with figures based three ranks deep on a stand. I plan to use these with the Batailles de l'Ancien Régime rules, to see how the table looks with something closer to a 1:1 figure scale. This will actually come out to 1:4, at 1:1 a battalion would be unmanageably big in 6mm, stretching four feet across the table. Doesn't someone make 2mm 7 Years War figures? :)

One regiment; I've got notes around here somewhere saying who these guys are supposed to be, but I don't remember off the top of my head, other than Prussian. I'll find them again when I don't need them, or the painting notes that are with it. Each of these stands will count as three figures in BAR, and casualty rings or markers of some sort will mark stands with partial casualties.

The unit's flagbearer and drummer, or at least one of them. There's one more stand on loan to Jay, who wanted to paint up the French figures I bought along with these. All of these figures are by Baccus 6mm.

A cavalry squadron of 12 stands, each stand counting as a single cavalry figure in BAR. I'm not entirely happy with the horses, the greys and bays may get pulled out and repainted. Basing was simple: I glued the figures to the Litko base, then glued down sand to smooth the bases up to the strips. I painted it all with brown ink, then glued on a mix of Woodland Scenics earth blend and green blend flock. I'll stick some static grass on soon, and hit it all with a thin layer of pva glue to lock the flock down.

The cavalry banner, still awaiting paint. I'll probably find an appropriate banner image somewhere and print it on label paper rather than trying to paint anything that small by hand. Or maybe I'll print it on decal film and basecoat the banner white. I'm not sure yet.

Artillery and crews in progress. I'll base each gun and crew as a single unit, I may have to go up to a 25mm square base to fit them all in place.

So that's where I'm at. I've got some plans for the future, and Jim and I are scheming on a Bayou Wars game that may require me to break out my Hirst Arts block molds in addition to painting up some more figures that have been waiting on the sidelines. And the Martians should see some more time on the workbench soon as well.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657707 2011-09-18T18:56:33Z 2021-02-23T18:46:09Z Archaeologists and Germans It's been a couple months of slowly plonking away at figures as I find the time. But I've finally completed the archaeologists I'll need for Bayou Wars, as well as another unit of Zeppelin Troopen.

This week I want to build some hills, rocky outcroppings, and jungle vegetation to fill out the table. I also need a narrow trail that will cross the table; I can use my road pieces, but I want something less built-up, more like a track that's been hacked out of the jungle. We'll see how it comes out.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657706 2011-06-15T11:27:02Z 2021-02-23T18:46:08Z Post Bayou Wars Another Bayou Wars has come and gone, and great fun was had by all. I have photos, but they are still on the camera. I'll post them once I've recovered a bit. I came out of it with one very important lesson: my game for next summer will be completely ready by Christmas! None of this frantically preparing the night before for me, I'll be done with months to spare. (I also have bridges for sale, cheap, just one owner.)

I have several projects to work on this summer and fall. My plan for Bayou Wars is a 6mm scifi game, part of a campaign of 6 games I hope to run for the club next year. I also want to get some more Aeronef painted up and build some more shipping vessels to go with it, and get enough figures painted for a playable Colonial Mars game. I have some plans for a gladiator game as well.

This week, though, is spring cleaning. I'm tearing down my painting desk (and much of the rest of the house) to clean and organize things, because it needs it badly.]]>
Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657708 2011-03-29T01:41:59Z 2021-02-23T18:46:09Z Rise of the Jurassic Reich! I'm getting back into the swing of things after some unpleasant events. I'm still running my game Saturday, so I have some work to do this week. Since they'll be big and bright and the center of attention, I've started on my Kriegsclaw figures from Eureka.

Sure, they're just partly basecoated, but I like where they are going. We'll see how it turns out, and if I can get them close to done by Saturday morning.

Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657709 2011-03-10T04:43:54Z 2021-02-23T18:46:10Z Nothing much to say today. I realized this weekend that the test play of my pulp game is in four weeks. I've got fortysome figures to paint (some still need to be purchased, even), terrain to build, game aids to make and scenario details to write up. I should have some interesting things to look at next week.

In the meantime, over on the Jackson Gamers blog there is a writeup of the Liftwood and Steam game I ran this weekend at my place.]]>
Bill Hamilton
tag:www.velociengineer.net,2013:Post/1657710 2011-03-02T00:38:35Z 2021-02-23T18:46:42Z More photos of the zep troopen

I've been poking along at these guys. Still not happy with the bases, and the photos are still coming out squirrelly as well. But, here are some closeups. As usual, click on the photos for larger images.

Bill Hamilton