Fortune’s Fool, Mission 4

Turn 4, we have 18 credits, 3 story points, 1 quest clue, and three people in sickbay for the Crew Tasks phase.


The crew stays on New Olympus. They spend 1 credit on upkeep.

Britt goes exploring. He meets someone at a lunch counter and talks for a while about the weather and local politics. Somehow, he avoids getting into trouble.

Reda and Diana trade. Reda picks up a gun upgrade kit. Diana picks up some spare parts (2) for future repairs. Diana also spends 3 credits to pick up an instruction book.


Britt's "friends" saw him around town after his supposed death, and have tracked the crew down again outside of a small agricultural station near town. Tine recognizes one of them from a wanted bulletin, there's a reward for bringing him in (Priority Target). There are 4 enemies this time, with a Lieutenant. One of the riflemen is the target.

I won't do a write up with a bunch of pictures, because the pictures are rather crap. I'm working on a fix for the lighting where I play. The important events are:

  • The vigilante lieutenant took out Diana with his first shot.
  • Yared gunned down the entire vigilante crew with his rattlegun.


After their guys were gunned down in the street (2 dead, 2 wounded), the vigilantes decide Britt isn't really that important after all. The crew finds 6 credits and gets another 2 credits bounty. They also find some bionic parts after the fight (I'm not going to examine where exactly the parts were found), and a quest clue! Apparently these guys didn't see Britt around town, someone told them he was alive and where to find him.

Diana was just knocked out, but learned something from it (+1 xp). In the end, Diana gained 2 xp; Jase, Tine, Reda, and Britt gained 3 xp, and Yared gained 4 xp.

The crew picked up some more dazzle grenades and a"sonic wave emitter"(which makes a character harder to hit at close range).

The ship was running low on supplies (campaign event) so the crew had to spend 3 credits to stock up. And Reda is thinking that all this time spent doing random jobs and getting shot at by random locals isn't what she signed up for; it might be time to move on (character event). She will stick around for now, but it won't take much for her to leave the crew.

The crew ends the turn with 15 credits, 3 story points, 2 quest clues, and a stash of bionic parts that can be helpful if someone gets injured.  They have three remaining Rivals: the Crimson Vipers gang, Jackson's Rangers mercenaries, and Lt. Isaias Cayne with the local Unity garrison.