Five Leagues: Turn 1 and 2

Wow, it's been a while since I posted here.  Sorry about that, life's been busy.  As they say, no plan survives contact with a 5 year old.

So, let's get into it.

Turn 1

On turn 1, my warband arrives in the region.  Because of this, there are no campaign actions and I go straight to travel.  I decide to travel to Evantun, and the travel roll tells me this trip is uneventful.  Because there was no battle I skip the post-battle events and roll on the News Travels table.  The townsfolk in Evantun are all talking about a monster that has been seen in the area; I add a hidden Monster Lair location to my list of hidden locations.

Turn 2

In Evantun, I roll on the town events table.  The law is cracking down here, and I won’t be able to use the Gambling action this turn. 

I normally would pay 1D3 marks in upkeep.  Instead, I will Help the Town Guard as one of my actions this turn.

In addition I chose to Study.  I roll the Scouting skill, and assign it to Uzgash, who has no skills.

In the Trade phase, I roll a trade item, plus a second item because Evantun is a trading post.  A throwing knife and a religious icon are available, but I don’t buy anything.

I choose to explore the Unknown Location (B on the map).  As the party travels to the location, they see something interesting in the distance; I add another Unknown Location to the map.

When the party arrives, they discover a Tiny village.  I roll and find the village is a trading post, and I name it Acburn.

There is no battle. The party enters Acburn.  I roll News Travels: “My goodness, more strangers!  We haven’t had anyone come through here for years, and now we’ve had two groups in as many days!  The other folks said they are going up to Lafstow.” If I visit Lafstow within the next two turns, I can meet with the travelers.

At the end of turn 2, the map looks like this: