Ship bases: painting

 Continuing the ship basing from last week...

I trimmed up the edges of the bases with a knife, then started painting.  Pick a base color and several highlights.  I started with a bright blue, covering the texturing on the base top.  Also paint the plastic along the edges of the texturing, to make sure none of the white base shows next to the ship.
The first highlight was a heavy drybrush of Ceramcoat's Ocean Reef Blue.  I hit every surface, only leaving the original blue visible in the deepest troughs and crevases.
 Folk Art's Light Blue is next.  I hit all the high points with this to pick them out from the surface.
 Last, I used white on the tops of the waves and the churn at the back, places where the water would foam up. 
 When finished, the ship should just fit in its place in the texturing.  A couple dots of superglue hold it tight.
And that's it.  Once I get the rest of the bases done (and pick up the ships I left at Jay's place after showing them off at last week's game :/ ) I'll put up a group shot.